Company Facts:

  1. We are a civil engineering and land surveying company located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

  2. We mainly work within a one hour radius of Eau Claire, but we do work on projects further away in special circumstances.

  3. We love to solve problems.

  4. We continually improve because we are lifelong learners.

  5. We love meeting new people.

  6. We love what we do.

  7. We are respected by government officials.

We are happy you arrived here.

Kramer Land Design Studio (KLDS) consistently performs quality civil engineering and land surveying services on a wide range of projects.  We embrace cutting edge technology to simplify and streamline the design process.  We have the technology tools to get the job done right and to provide the customer with paper and electronic deliverables.  We can provide many formats of electronic deliverables ranging from traditional documents to 3D renderings.

We strive to make the land development and land surveying process enjoyable for our customers.  Since 2003 we have designed many quality commercial sites and residential subdivisions and have provided great customer service while performing these services.

Unlike other websites created by and for large corporations, this site is made by the people that work at Kramer Land Design Studio.  Please click the links above to learn more about the company and the services that we provide.


T: 715.831.0654